Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The girls show how it's done

Well, I think the girls whipped the boys' backsides this week. Their hesitant start last week was not an accurate barometer of their ability.

Who would have thought that Cherie Lunghi would have been the star of the show - her Foxtrot was brilliant? Rachel Stevens surpassed the already high expectations of her with a sizzling and complicated salsa.

I thought the judges were really unfair to Lisa. She did some really complicated stuff including a squatting spin type thing which must have been almost impossible to control and she got no recognition for it. To give her the same mark as Gillian and Anton was, frankly, insulting.

Gillian and Anton weren't quite as tragic as they looked on Friday - it was ok but fairly simple. It was quite funny when Bruce said to Anton that he was grateful that Anton had managed to fit Strictly in around all his other TV commitments.

Christine and Matthew's Foxtrot was graceful, elegant and had a fragile beauty about it.

Heather's salsa was good and lively but it needed a few more punches in places.

Jodie and Ian were a lot more elegant and graceful than had previously been anticipated but the judges weren't overly impressed.

Jessie and Darren's salsa was a bit lacking in attitude - Kat Slater would have done it a lot more justice. It was all a it sloppy and deserved its position at bottom of the leaderboard

The boys hit back with a merengue that had its moments - Austin and Erin and Tom and Camilla were by far the best. I thought John Sergeant would be embarrassing but he was ok - although better in the bits where the camera wasn't focussed on him. He made me laugh when he said that he had lost over a stone in weight and was doing all sorts of sensible eating - including cutting out his lunchtime glass of wine. Presumably his dinner glass(es) remain intact!

Brucie's Balls-Ups: I'm not doddery, doddery I am not. Just stop that. Please. It's not funny and it looked like the audience didn't think so either.

Tess's Dress a clinging strapless red dress with buttons, which was so tight she couldn't lift her leg when doing her little dance with Bruce at the top of the show.

Angel Judge Len, for not being evil about Gillian and Anton

Devil Judge Craig, for having a go at Lisa

Who's going to go I would have said Gillian and Anton anyway. It has been quite predictable so far this year......

The results show had Tess in a short dress in what John Sweeney would have described as a homicidal purple.

After performances by the new professional dancers, the boys again with a slightly different version of their merengue and the Sugababes, the results were in.

Jessie's name was called second which made it inevitable that Gillian and Anton would be in the bottom two. They were joined there by Jodie and Ian and from that point it was just a question of going through the motions. Jodie and Ian did perform extremely well and had taken on many of the Judges' comments under pressure. Gillian and Anton were sporting enough to applaud them enthusiastically and then took to the floor for what they must have known would be the last time.

The Judges were very complimentary about Jodie and Ian before sending Gillian on her way.

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