Friday, 3 December 2010

Ann to dance with Craig on Strictly Tour

When I say Craig, I'd better make it clear that it's not Daniel Craig, I'm talking about, or Wendy Craig, even. Nor Craig Charles, nor Craig David.

In one of the biggest twists in Strictly history, Ann Widdecombe will be doing a special dance with the man whose been cruellest about her weekly performances, judge Craig Revel Horwood. I'm impressed that Craig has put his professional reputation as a choreographer on the line because he'll have his work cut out to do a better job than the genius of Anton Du Beke. Who can forget Ann flying in to dance her Tango, or her finger waving Salsa, or the hilarious Titanic themed Rumba?

I also wonder how the dynamic between Ann and Craig will be. They have a very feisty banter on the show, and that will probably transfer over into their routine. She and Anton have a hilarious relationship, but there are times when she's dancing with him that she looks at him with an almost childlike faith and trust. Will Craig get as much out of her as Anton does, or will he get upset if she refuses point blank to do certain things?

Craig is stretching himself this year - as a judge, director and performer in the show. I'd decided to give the tour a miss on financial grounds this year but now that Ann's going to be there, I kind of think that eating can wait that week. With Patsy, Pamela, Matt and Jimi, also appearing, it'll be well worth seeing.

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