Friday, 3 December 2010

Erin Boag against the machine

If you've been watching It Takes Two, you may have seen Erin Boag giving the Midweek Report the last couple of weeks, with the wonderful machine which makes Claudia feel nauseous and scares the life out of Ian Waite.

Erin, though, has no such fear. Her mastery of the technology is complete. She can make it do things nobody else can and talk quite happily while she's doing it. This may be very wrong, but I kind of had a mental image of her showing her Christmas Special partner Vince Cable some detailed feedback on his performance, drawing for him what he should be doing with the various bits of his body.

Joking aside, though,  this gizmo must be an incredible teaching tool.

In Erin's hands, it's her that's scary, not the machine. She is a genius.

Here's this week's in case you missed it. Enjoy.

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