Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Ann Widdecombe appearing in Clacton on 29th November

If you'd told me a year ago that I'd be plugging an event involving Tory blogger Iain Dale and former Conservative Home Office Minister Ann Widdecombe, I'd have laughed in your face.

However, since then, Dale has revealed his soft underbelly as a charming and silver tongued radio host (on LBC every weeknight between 7 and 10, which even I try and listen to from Scotland) and Miss Widdecombe, as we all know, has been reborn as a national treasure because of the way she's making us all smile every Saturday night on Strictly.

Iain is hosting an Audience with Ann in Clacton on 29th November. Whilst he complains about perhaps having to widen the range of the show,
I have an awful feeling we're going to have to alter our tried and tested opening routine to include some sort of dancing. You probably didn't think there was a worse dancer in the country than Ann. But I can assure you there is....
he is not above using Strictly to entice people in and take their £8 of them. Oh, and I'm sure he must have been talking about Gavin Henson when he mentioned a worse dancer than Ann.....

I actually suspect that it will be worth going to if you are in the area. Iain may be a Tory, but his interviews with people both on the radio and in his Total Politics magazine are always interesting. I still feel quite uncomfortable about Ann - she did some thing I find hard to stomach in Government and she has some highly illiberal views but on the other hand, I love her spirit and attitude to the Strictly experience.  Until someone persuades Jo Swinson to go on Strictly (and she'd be good), this is as close as I'm going to get to seeing my passions for Strictly and politics combined.

I can't imagine that the Ann and Iain Show will be coming to Scotland any time soon, but I'd go if it did.

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