Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Bad Boys Brendan and James Banter on Twitter

You might have deduced in previous years that Strictly bad boys Brendan Cole and James Jordan had turned into sweet ickle fluffity bunnikins over the past few years. Last year Brendan was so sweet with Jo and the year before very encouraging with Lisa - no sign of his strops with Sarah Manning. James has not shown any sign of abrasiveness since his first year with Georgina Bouzova.

Their tempers may not have returned by their swaggering, edgy bad boy banter is making me cry with laughter on Twitter from time to time. Take, for example, this exchange from last Friday morning:

Brendan:  Need to find way to stop elbowing my wife in the face while sleeping! It's starting to upset her? Don't know why, I don't do it in purpose!
JamesJust tell her to sleep in the other room mate!
Brendan:  I like it! Wonder what she'll say?
James: I do understand her too. You do move a lot in your sleep!! Annoyed me!
Brendan: You are filth! People will start to believe you! Great rumour!
The moral of the story is never to believe anything James says on Twitter. Last night he was accepting congatulations on Ola's pregnancy - except she isn't pregnant. And by the end of the evening, both Vincent and Brendan were suggested as beimg responsible for this non pregnancy. I guess you had to be there at the time but it was very funny and one very good reason to follow these two on Twitter.

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