Tuesday, 5 October 2010

OMG, Anton Du Beke is on Twitter - really!

Billi can be a bit obsessive about Anton Du Beke, not at all in any way like me, of course, but that can be useful some times. She was kind enough to send me an invitation on Facebook to "like" Anton's new page.

Like? I think I can go a bit further than that. Our boy seems to have embraced the technical age as enthusiastically as he embraced the Widdy on Saturday night.

He's also taken up Twitter and seems to be updating both this and Facebook himself in his own inimitable and utterly charming style. My Strictly Come Dancing Twitterati has been duly updated.

Let's just have a reminder of his and Ann's training footage - it's absolutely hilarious. Full of humour, and typical Anton mini-rants, it's unmissable.

He and Ann were brilliant on It Takes Two last night. I'm sure Ann could have wanted no more than to spend her birthday in Anton's company.  The two of them do seem to genuinely get on and spark off each other which I suspected might be the case. They were on fine form, with Anton joking (at least I hope he was joking) that they had to change their routine on Saturday night to remove the gymnastics so people didn't think they were copying Matt.

Ann said she wasn't nervous at all because she had seen people so much better than her be torn to pieces by the Judges on Friday night that she was just resigned to her fate.

Their Salsa on Saturday night is going to be the most anticipated dance in Strictly history. Anton described it as "nonsense in a short frock" and Ann said they were so desperate that they were putting things in the Salsa that didn't belong in  it - Anton interjected "like the waltz". I actually think that that's the best way for Ann to do a Salsa and it's a blessing that she's with a partner who, bless him, really isn't that great at Latin.

I, for one, can't wait.

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